Working Class America

From a letter to Joe Bageant:

“… The meaninglessness of life in working class America takes it’s painful toll in loneliness and alienation. That is bad enough in itself, but the worst kind of people among us, the very people and class that profit from misery and ignorance, are always right there to direct the anger that ultimately must arise from the frustrating emptiness and fear that has become our national atmosphere. Mr. Adkisson may have been religiously obsessed, but he was also an out-of-work truck driver nearing 60 and about to lose his food stamps. We can blame Mr Adkisson, we can blame the Rush Limbaughs and Anne Coulters for publicly advocating just this sort of action, and making millions in the process. But ultimately we must ask just what sort of society produces school shootings and the kind of violence we have just seen in my native Tennessee. When we honestly examine that question we will discover that we are active ingredients in that society, one which has allowed faceless millions to decline into ignorance, fear and despair. And tolerated the hate speech of those who incite these damaged souls to violence for their own political or financial gain.

We all have a moral choice to make. We can become more hateful, each of us in our own political camp, or we can forgive Mr. Adkisson and make open personal resistance, each in his or her own way, against those who manage our society to such desperate ends. Or we can continue to be divided by those in whose best interests it is to see us hate one another politically or religiously.

I think the Unitarians leadership and that of the local fundamentalist congregations should meet, pray and break bread together regularly, for all are believers in a peaceful and meaning filled life of purpose, regardless of creed or even lack of creed. The truth is that such a group sharing fellowship in the flesh cannot be falsely mislead by distant demagogues.”


P.S. In case you were wondering, I am a Southern Baptist.


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