Power Plant Performance Art

On the art scene in Toronto:

The Power Plant needs enthusiastic volunteers to be a part of a one-of-a-kind LIVE performance on our lakefront terrace this Labour Day, Monday, September 1st called Life/Theater: The Harbourfront.

In tandem with The Power Plant’s summer exhibition, ‘Not Quite How I Remember It,’ participating artist Lee Walton will choreograph the everyday actions of dozens of participants on The Power Plant’s lakefront terrace. With their help, Walton will create an improvised and practically invisible experience on the waterfront where performers will seamlessly blend themselves in with the real characters of the Harbourfront. Meanwhile, the audience will observe the passersby, wondering who is “real” and who is “not real.” To challenge the spectators, actors will be playing out simple everyday activities such as sipping coffee, stopping to look at the boats, chuckling to themselves, or perhaps zipping up a sweatshirt. Of course, a non-participating passerby will naturally appear suspect. However, the orchestrated actors will eventually reveal themselves to the audience through identical loops of repetitive action.

The Power Plant is looking for thirty to fifty participant performers.
Please sign up yourself and ask your friends and acquaintances to get involved.

For more information on Life/Theater: The Harbourfront see

To participate in this performance as an actor or recruiter, please contact the artist immediately.
All you need to do is be yourself! Sign up to participate at

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