it goes away


a garden behind a house

smelling the mint

a bench in a clearing

feeling the sun


it goes away


a long-legged daughter on the grass

watching her dance

a son swaying in the willow

listening to him laugh


it goes away


a hand tracing your face

tasting its salt

a body asleep beside you

feeling her breath


it goes away


a black dog at your door

smelling its heat

a white horse in your dream

listening to the hooves


it goes away


Patrick Friesen


From carrying the shadow

Beach Holme Publishing, Vancouver: 1999

2 thoughts on “

  1. Oh my gosh, I’m crying. Seriously. It takes a lot to make me bawl out loud, but this poem did. So beautiful. And so true. I wish it didn’t have to go away. Ever. But it goes away. This is spectacular. Thank you again. You are awesome.

  2. Yes, isn’t it amazing? Patrick is my “mentor”, but somehow I’d managed to miss this 1999 collection. And all the poems in “carrying the shadow” are amazing. So few words, such simple words. And yet the rythym, the repetition, the use of just those words, carries me away to where he means to go. Even the title of the collection: “carrying the shadow” is so evocative and refers us to something we all know.

    For various reasons, I’ve had a lot of difficulty writing my own poetry lately. But I wrote one in the shadow of this poem, and a few others.

    Thanks Julie, but it’s not me who is amazing! It’s the poets I love.

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