Something New for Toronto

A thunderstorm.

I was outside this afternoon under a blue, cloudless sky and my thought was, “Maybe today will be a day without a thunderstorm.”


There’s been a record rainfall this summer, but when it comes to tonight’s impending thunderstorm, you ain’t seen nothing like this yet.

Tonight’s showers in the GTA – expected to make a watery mess and leave about an our later – bring the summer’s first “traditional” storm.

“The type of storms we’ve had all summer were indicative of spring and fall,” said Mark Alliksaar, a meteorologist at Environment Canada.

“The type we’re getting now are the more traditional ‘super cells’ that we normally get this time of year. We’re just getting them for the first time.”

The “super cells” storm tonight should involve a mixed bag of miserable conditions, including (but not limited to) lightning, hail, torrential downpour and wind gusts of up to 90 kilometres per hour.

“We’ve had a lot of thunderstorms, but this will be a little bit more intense,” said Alliksaar.

The good news in all this is that there’s cooler, drier weather with sunny skies expected for the rest of the week. But alas, not tonight.

So what’s a Torontonian to do: stay inside or something?

“That would be a good idea,” said Alliksaar.

It’s getting dark already where I am.  Just for something new.  Here’s a picture I took while running from a storm in northern Ontario, two weeks ago:


3 thoughts on “Something New for Toronto

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  2. Oh, this is a beautiful photograph! It looks a bit spooky, too. I’ve had to outrun several storms in a boat, and it looks just like this. There’s something I love so much about storms (though not when I’m in a boat, of course). I can smell it coming through your picture. Oh, yeah!

  3. Hah! Yes a lot of that smell around here this summer – I’ve never seen anything like it – because there’s never BEEN anything like it, not so long as they’ve been keeping records. I think we’re in our second day without a t-storm and I have to tell you, I almost miss it!

    The storm in the photo snuck right up behind me. I swear to you, there was sunshine in front of me and that first thunder clap behind me made me SCREAM with fright, even though I love those guys!

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