Nuclear Playground

The United States and Poland signed an agreement Wednesday in Poland to locate part of a controversial U.S. missile defense system in that country.  

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice traveled to Warsaw for the signing ceremony with Polish Foreign Minister Radek Sikorski, the BBC reported.

The agreement calls for 10 interceptor missiles to be located in an unused military base near Poland’s Baltic Coast to protest Europe against possible long-range attacks. The United States signed an agreement to place a radar tracking system on Czech Republic soil last month.

The deals with the two former Soviet satellites angered Russia, which says its national security is threatened by the missile defense system.

Poland will receive short-range Patriot missiles and a guarantee of U.S. assistance if Poland is attacked, the British broadcaster reported.

Polish President Lech Kaczynski said Wednesday the missile shield was a defense system, not a threat, so “no one who has good intentions toward us and toward the Western world should be afraid of it.”

here ya go

If Canada signed a pact with Russia allowing them to build a “defensive” missile site in Ontario, what do you think the US would say:

BTW, Patriot Missiles can’t hit anything coming from Iran.  They’re short range missiles.  Iran can’t “send” anything anyway.  And on Lehrer Newshour, Fred Kagan just said the “invasion” of Georgia helped speed up the deal.  That rather gives the lie to it being a “defense” system.  Then he said the idea that this defense system is directed at Russia is “laughable”.  “The Russian reaction is insane.  The Russian reaction is itself a provocation.”  Say what?  No wonder the Russians are upset.

There is no justification for the Bush administration’s ratcheting up of the rhetoric.  Fred Kagan says:  “They started it.”  ZOMG, are we in a nuclear playground?  Macho is all Bush knows.

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