Monday Fun Cat

One Seriously Pissed Off Cat

“My sister-in law is from Oklahoma and has a slight accent. She has cats and when she lived in the south she would take them to the groomers and have what is called a Line Cut. To her a line cut is when all of the fur hanging down below the cat’s tummy is taken off (because it gets matted or snarled).

When she moved to Chicago with my brother, one of the cats’ fur got all tangled up during the move so she took it in for a line cut. She was quite surprised when she heard the price as it was twice as much as it was down south. She confirmed with the groomer that he understood what a line cut was and he said “yes, I know what a LION cut is.” It seems her accent came out sounding like LION not LINE and this is how her cat was returned to her. (see photos below) She cried for a week…but not as much as the cat. It was November in Chicago and the cat needed all the fur it had.”

Gas in car to go to groomers – $4.50
Cat car carrier – $32.99
Grooming fee – $80.00
Getting the look from one seriously pissed off cat – Priceless!


I got it here


3 thoughts on “Monday Fun Cat

  1. OHMYGOSH…PEEING IN MY PANTS AGAIN! HA! HA! My cat would curse me forever if that happened to her…even if it wasn’t my fault. “The line…lion cut.” So funny!

    P.S. – I meant to tell you I would LOVE to see the poem about placenta you mentioned at my site. I wasn’t sure if you’d want me to say anything over there. I’ll snoop around “elsewhere” and see if I can find it…hee hee. Take care & have a beautiful week!

  2. I know, I keep coming back to stare at this, it kills me. I want to show it to my cat as a threat! And I CAN just imagine how she’d look at me if I did this to her.

    Re: my poem, it’s an older one and I don’t have it up anywhere. It’s one of my very early ones, but I’ll see if I can root it out and show it to you. I was really getting into my poetry when I got sick a few years ago and I’ve lost my confidence.

  3. You should be confident, because your work is beautiful!!!!! I will have to say I can relate to that feeling, though. Yes, please do show me!

    I also had to say thank you for the link to the Geezersisters’ article. It is hilarious! I posted it up front so no one will miss it. I love writers with a sense of humor. Too many poets and writers walk around with a stick up their butts, so it’s refreshing to meet people who can lighten up a little (though I will have to say there’s a serious undertone to some of their stuff, and I love that, too).

    Did you read the one about the reconstructed boobs? She was making them move and a guy walked by, etc. Pee in the pants funny!

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