Palin’s Speech at the RNC

Listening to Sarah Palin’s speech to the RNC, and those of others, I’m surprised the Reprobates are going to keep going after Obama on the experience issue, apparently in the belief that Palin’s experience as a town mayor and two years as governor of Alaska will be viewed favourably in comparison.  Wow.

I’m also surprised by the “cheapness” of the criticisms of the Dems, whereas, at the DNC, I thought the criticisms were on substantive issues.  I really don’t care about the “Greek columns” at the Invesco Center.

It’s hardly an inspiring speech but it is hard for me to tell if I’m just too biased against the Reprobates to see or hear it fairly.  Geez, what do I mean by that?

However, I’m sure not thrilled by her put down of Obama for caring about the rights of detainees.  How fucking dare she?  How dare THEY?

Links and stuff later.

UPDATE:  I find myself quite pleased to see a woman with children and a baby in her arms onstage as a Vice Presidential Candidate.

David Brooks says “It’s been quite a long time since the Republicans have had an occasion to express pure, unalloyed joy.”  LOL

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