Canadian Election Coverage

Places to check for good daily election coverage:

Rabble is running an election blog here

And then there’s MediaScout Canada

The blog at This Magazine isn’t up and running yet re: election issues, but it will get there

You can check out Canadian Dimension Magazine’s blog here and POPCAN here and news with a union (CUPE) twist comes from Straight Goods

Try Herizons Magazine for women’s news from the web

Blogs to watch are A Creative Revolution, Art Threat,  and April Reign for a feminist perspective

matttbastard has about as much American content as I do but you can count on him for Canadian election news in your face, which is how I like my news; the commentary at Creekside is excellent; Dr. Dawg always has an interesting perspective and that Unrepentant Old Hippie is hard at work covering election news too.

There’s always more but that’s probably enough for now.  I’m sure I’ll be giving you more blogs to link to as time goes on.

UPDATEYayaCanada and Runesmith’s Canadian Content are too good to leave out

UPDATE II: see buckdog and Insider – especially here and here

Here’s a bit of Michael Geist on digital issues in Canada and why they should be raised as a campaign issue:

With a federal election now set for October 14th, the coming weeks will be dominated by political debate as each party seeks to make their case to voters across the country. My weekly technology law column (Toronto Star version, homepage version) notes that the election mode marks an important role reversal – after months of Canadians working to gain the attention of their elected officials, those same politicians will be knocking on doors, making phone calls, and participating in all-candidates meetings in an effort to seek them out.The 2008 election therefore presents an exceptional opportunity to raise the profile of digital issues.  Not only do these policies touch on so-called core concerns such as the economy, the environment, education, and health care, but they also resonate with younger Canadians, who could help swing the balance of power in many ridings. In the United States election, both Barack Obama and John McCain have unveiled detailed digital policy positions.  Canadian leaders have yet to promote their policies, but there are at least five worth watching and asking about. 

There’s plenty more on the Canadian (Conservative) position at Michael Geist’s Blog

Ontarians will appreciate this post at The Stormy Days of March

The Galloping Beaver has a very good post on gun fetishism and people who object to Liberal plans to restrict certain kinds of weapons

There’s good stuff at Accidental Deliberations

Susan Ormiston of CBC News has the election on the web, from blogs to online videos to tweets at Ormiston online

Scott Tribe’s got some great links and plenty fine stuff of his own at Scott’s DiaTribes

My friend purtek has a thoughtful post on the mood of voters that I found personally challenging, as always.

And that, my dears, is that for now.

UPDATE III:  The Election – Fall ’08  page at is a must see.  They’re gathering “questions to ask candidates” from NGOs and will also cover the campaign and the mainstream media, with a particular focus on immigration issues.  They also have links for general information from Elections Canada, the four federal parties (exluding The Green Party I guess) and riding info. [ Edit: Thanks to the webmaster of this site for pointing out that the Green Party is, indeed, included on this website]

UPDATE IV:  Feminists and feminist allies, keep a sharp look-out for Antonia Zerbisias at The Star and at her blog, Broadsides.  In The Star today, Antonia calls out the sexism, if not misogyny, of the Harper Conservatives.

And for a good alternative news and political analysis source, The Tyee


2 thoughts on “Canadian Election Coverage

  1. Thanks for swinging by my blog, The Artist’s Muse! I hope you come by on a regular basis. I wasn’t familiar with your blog until now, either. It’s wonderful getting to know another feminist!

  2. AND thank YOU for swinging by MY blog. I’m on vacation right now and not doing and blogging or surfing, but I do love your place and will definitely by around there in a few weeks time. Also, wonderful for ME to find feminists, especially feminist artists!

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