Democratic Misogyny

There’s an absolutely GREAT post at Anglachel on the misogyny some Democrats have demonstrated toward Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Sarah Palin and yes, even Barack Obama.  Here’s just a bit:

The “progressive” blogosphere has exposed its own fundamentalist tendencies this electoral cycle, wielding misogyny like a sledge hammer to achieve its political goals. To try to claim innocence on this count is insulting to the readers’ intelligence. The Blogger Boyz (and the women frantically trying to prove they are really just Girlz so they can stay in the club) have damaged the campaigns of every female Democratic candidate, legitimizing use of misogynist tropes. The reproductive history of our women candidates is now fair game. In performing this violence against female candidates and public figures, they have validated its continued use by the Right and have cast into doubt their progressive claims.

You just gotta read the rest


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