We Need a Debate on the War

As far as I know, Jack Layton is the only candidate in the federal election who has put it on the line about getting Canadian combat troops out of Afghanistan.  He needs to make that a key issue in this election:

The days between the dropping of the writ and the election are precious. This is the only time the politicians pay serious attention to what Canadians think.The great issue on which Canada’s famous “elite consensus” has shut out debate has been the Canadian military mission in Afghanistan. The mainstream media provide few opportunities to those who believe the mission should be ended. In Parliament, the Conservatives and the Liberals made an unsavoury deal to extend the mission to 2011. Only the NDP, as it resolved at its 2006 national convention, has said clearly that Canada should bring the troops home from Kandahar. 

Read the rest at James Laxer’s blog

Here’s an excerpt from a speech by Layton given on January 30, 2008:

One of the tenets of just-war theory is that a country must have a reasonable chance of success in order for that war to be legitimate. But under the NATO approach, there is no evidence of such a success in Afghanistan.

The experience of the last seven years of NATO engagement has shown that a military approach is not working.

It’s time for Canada to change its approach, withdraw from the combat mission and lead a process for peace and stability.

Michael Byers, one of Canada’s leading experts in Global Politics and International Law, has warned that:

“Our involvement in the counter-insurgency mission in southern Afghanistan, has challenged our commitment to international humanitarian law and precluded our involvement in important UN peacekeeping missions elsewhere.”

More here

I agreee with Laxer.  Press Jack Layton to make Afghanistan an issue, each and every day of this election cycle.  WE NEED A DEBATE ON THIS WAR!

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