A View from Hippieland

Just talked to my wonderful son who lives and works with the hippies out in B.C.  – about the federal election.  Here’s what he had to say about ads being run by the Conservative Harpies and the denizens of Liberal-land:

On Harper’s attempt to woo the public with his “family man”image:  “Can’t people see what a lizard he is?  Maybe his tongue doesnt come far enough out of his mouth fror people to see the fork.”

“Are the Liberals just too embarassed of their own existence to try to define themselves?

And finally, on Harper’s attempts to shut down the pot economy in British Columbia:

“Out here they’re trying to seize peoples’ houses and children for marijuana-related offences.”

I wish he could get a job doing political commentary.  No worries – he’d never accept!  BTW, my son’s pseudonym is Eliot Rosewater.

7 thoughts on “A View from Hippieland

  1. What a wonderful son! I’m laughing so hard at the forked tongue reference. “Maybe his tongue doesn’t come out far enough for people to see the fork.” HA! Just that statement alone makes me love him. He sounds like so much fun (and a brilliant man).

    I love Vonnegut. Have you seen the trailer for the movie 2081? It’s supposed to be based on Vonnegut’s “Harrison Bergeron.” I don’t usually pay to go to movies, but I can’t wait to see that one. I hope it’s not disappointing.

    I’d love to see a blog by your son! I like serious thinkers with wit.

  2. Well, I already love ya Julie, but I doubly love anyone who loves my son. Yup, he IS a brilliant man. His girlfriend is plenty cool too. I may be heading out to see them soon – we’ll see.

    I’d love to see a blog by him too but he says the radiation coming out of computer screens gives people brain tumours!

  3. OH, P.S., I haven’t heard anything about “2081”. I’ll have to keep my eyes open for that. I’m a dyed-in-the-wool Vonnegut lover, which is how my son Eliot got that way!

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  5. Yes, tell Eliot he has a new fan. I’d love to hear more about him. Of course, he has his Mama’s brains:)

    Don’t mind me blabbing all over your site. And don’t worry about responding. I just miss you already.

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