Lotusland and Hippieland

I’m leaving this vale of tears on Friday for some time in Lotusland and then Hippieland B.C. to visit some dear friends and then my wonderful son, Eliot, and his friend-for-life and mine, Eva.  Blogging may be fitful to zero the next few days while I try to get ready to leave.  After that, it’s all a big question because I don’t know what my internet access will be.  More later …

UPDATE:  Because of health problems, this trip has been postphoned, so I’ll be around, posting as it happens …

UPDATE II:  Trip is back on.  Leaving Sunday.  Call me crazy and I’ll answer …

UPDATE III:  I just realized I didn’t put any dates on this and it’s old already.  Gone by Saturday, Sept. 20th, back in town October 15th.  Posting may be irregular …

7 thoughts on “Lotusland and Hippieland

  1. I’m gonna miss you so much!!!! But I’ll be looking at all your older posts, so that will keep me company:)

    You cracked me up again. I was getting the biggest kick out of that sign. PLACENTA! I want to go there! Then I came on to blab, and there was your comment. HA! You KNEW I would love that!

    It looks like a beautiful place. I hope you have a wonderful time with Eliot and friends! He sounds like an awesome son. What fun it will be to get together.

    But dang…I’m gonna miss you. I’ll be here waiting for when you get back! Take care, sistah!

  2. Thanks Julie! I am really gonna miss you too. I knew you’d like “Placenta”. I doubt I’ll be on the bike trail this time though. It is an intensely beautiful part of the world to which I’m going – two places I love very much and a bunch of people that I love and miss like hell for most of my life. It will be great. I’ll post some pics.

    Likely I’ll be checking in now and again, even this weekend while I’m in Vancouver. Once I get to Nelson I think it will be more hit and miss, but I hope I get to post occasionally and have wee chats with you.

    Much love.

  3. Well, the tree may well have grown out of placenta!

    I’m so glad to see you here – and it’s nice to be missed. I might catch up here on the weekend – but by Wednesday at latest. Thanks for delurking. I’ll see you soon!


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