Oh Noezzzz, Babar!

Some left-wing critics have read in the Babar story an implicit endorsement of the civilizing effects of French colonialism

Adam Gopnik, NYT


3 thoughts on “Oh Noezzzz, Babar!

  1. Hey, sistah! I meant to comment on this one, and then my mind wandered, as usual.

    I’ll have to go back and read Babar again. I remember when I read it to my daughter and other preschool kids, the writing style got on my nerves sometimes. But I just figured maybe it was a translation. If it got a bit tiring, I edited.

    BUT…every kid I’ve ever met loved Babar. I don’t remember the details of the stories or if colonization was pushed. So now I’m dying to go back and read more Babar. Thanks for the interesting angle!

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