6 thoughts on “Late Friday Night Music

  1. Ha! Ha! You always know the ones I’m going to look at first. I love me some Polk (or Poke) Salad. Thanks for your kind words. Most days I think I suck, so it’s nice to hear. And thanks for the song. It’s a good one. I miss you already!

  2. I just loved this song and the story it tells. I always thought of it as “poke” salad but when I went to YouTube, it said “polk”. Kinda disappointed me actually, so I’m glad to see it is Poke. Makes more sense, which is none at all!

  3. Yeah, that’s weird they have it as “Polk.” Maybe they’re translating it for the yanks…HA! HA! Half of the people in my own country can’t even understand me, but you do. Now that’s cool!

    Poke Salad comes from Pokeweed, which is supposedly poisonous in its raw form. So that makes more sense in reference to Annie. I know people who boiled it and also used it for home remedies, like arthritis.

    Did you fly away yesterday? Heavy sigh…See you soon, I hope!

  4. I’m here in Nelson. My son and his sweetie have a cute tiny house on a hill overlooking the Slocan Valley and a beautiful lake called “Kooteney” ; Kooteney Mountains across the lake with mist descending from the rain that starting falling just after I landed. I lived here for a few years when I was young and it felt like my true home then. It feels like that now, too! I’ll be around Julie – Eliot does have a computer! No need to miss me.

  5. Alright! I’m so glad you’ll be around. And I’m happy to hear you had a safe trip. The house and lake must be absolutely beautiful. And the mountains! I love the name, too.

    That mist you see is my spirit following you there:) Okay, I shouldn’t make myself so beautiful. Is there any mud? That can be my spirit. Ha! Take care.

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