Election Canada

Ok, well it’s over.  I’ve travelled thousands of kilometres back and forth across this beautiful country and I say we deserve better, but what do I know.  Four more years of Stephen Harper?  During an economic crisis?  Good luck to us and to all you Canadians who voted for the conserve.  I’m tired and feeling pretty “wev” but I’m sure I’ll be back full of piss and vinegar any day now!  I missed everyone in blogland.  G’night and good luck to us all.  I hope America can do better in a few weeks.  All the best American cousins.

UPDATE:  What Dr. Dawg said.

5 thoughts on “Election Canada

  1. Hysperia, I feel your pain. And, unfortunately, I’m not at all sure our neighbours down south are going to do any better come November. But keep on trucking – and blogging – because this, too, shall pass. And even if it doesn’t – in a perfect world, what would we have to bitch about?

  2. Yeah Tessa, no matter what they do, our American neighbours really can’t do better. Don’t worry, I’ll be truckin’ again soon, but thanks for the encouragement. And, thanks for coming by – I’ve found your blog now and love it!


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