STOP Canadian War in Afghanistan

From The Toronto Coalition to Stop the War

I didn’t notice that the involvement of Canadian troops in America’s war in Afghanistan was a hot button topic in the recent federal election and low voter turn-out might seem to indicate that Canadians don’t care much about this tragedy.  I hope that’s not true and that tons of people come out to the rally in Toronto tomorrow:

The number of Canadian troops killed in combat is quickly approaching 100, the highest death toll since the Korean War. In Afghanistan, the civilian death toll for 2008 is expected to be worse than at any other time since the war began. In late August, 90 civilians were killed by a US-led air strike, including 60 children. Another five children were killed by NATO forces on September 1. Tens of thousands have died since 2001.

The Canadian Peace Alliance has called a pan-Canadian day of action on October 18 to send a strong, united message … it’s time to end the war in Afghanistan, and to bring the troops home now.

Organized by the Toronto Coalition to Stop the War.  TCSW Toronto’s city-wide anti-war coalition, comprised of more than 70 labour, faith and community organizations, and a member of the Canadian
Peace Alliance. 416.795.5863; email stopthewar@sympatico; web

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