Khadr’s Lawyers in Court

In Federal Court today, lawyers for the Canadian government argued that Canada has “done enough” to protect the rights of Canadian citizen and Guantanamo detainee, Omar Khadr.  Oh yeah?  Like what? –

Calling the Canadian captive’s detention and upcoming war crimes trial a “complex and difficult situation,” lawyer Doreen Mueller said Ottawa has frequently advocated on Khadr’s behalf both “formally and informally.”

She cited diplomatic requests to get the Toronto native captured in Afghanistan better detention conditions, to have his youthful age taken into consideration and to have allegations of jailhouse abuse investigated.

Read the whole thing at The Star

Oh they asked, did they?  Well, since every other country but Canada has had citizens who were detained at Guantanamo returned to their countries of citizenship, I suggest we ought to have demanded rather than asked and that we ought not to have let up on our demands.

Khadr’s Canadian lawyers petitioned the court to order Prime Minister Stephen Harper to press the U.S. for Khadr’s repatriation, arguing judicial intervention was necessary because the government violated Khadr’s constitutional rights by being complicit in his abuse.

Good luck to Khadr’s lawyers with this case.  I’ll be watching and will follow up with the result.  Keeping my fingers crossed.

When the government refuses to take appropriate action to defend a citizen’s Constitutional rights, I think the Court has a duty to intervene.


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