Wherein Barack Makes Hysperia Cheer

“[John McCain] is a man who has looked in the face of evil and not flinched…he’s earned our support and confidence and the time is now for him to be our next president.”—Vice President and Dark Overlord Dick Cheney, endorsing GOP nominee John McCain in Wyoming, today.

“I’d like to congratulate Sen. McCain on this endorsement, because he really earned it. That endorsement didn’t come easy. George Bush may be in an undisclosed location now, but Dick Cheney’s out there on the campaign trail because he’d be delighted to pass the baton to John McCain. He knows that with John McCain, you get a twofer: George Bush’s economic policy and Dick Cheney’s foreign policy.”—Senator and Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama, on the campaign trail this afternoon in Colorado.

Yeah baby!  More of this please.  Dick Cheney is well-qualified to speak about evil.  Embodying it as he does.

via Shakesville

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