Violence Strikes

… close to home, in the Canadian academic community.  Here is the link to the latest news from CBC in Fredericton about the murder of a very gentle man, a sociology professor named John McKendy, who taught at St. Thomas University in Fredericton.  He was found murdered in his own home just outside Fredericton on Friday morning, and the person for whom a first-degree murder arrest warrant had been issued has today been found dead in a car in a parking lot in Moncton. That person is his son-in-law. The professor’s daughter was also injured and hospitalized, with non-life-threatening injuries.

Rumours are rife, and one says that she had left her abusive marriage and returned to live at her father’s home, and that a restraining order had been issued against her estranged husband. Comments posted to the CBC web site say the alleged killer, 27-year-old Nicholas Baker, was employed, and was a nice guy who gave no warning signs of emotional problems . . . . We will find out in the next days and weeks, no doubt, what the full, and very tragic, story is.  Or not.
It is unbelievably poignant that he died this way, and his daughter was wounded.  Some speculate that he died protecting her. Our knowledge at this stage does not ultimately protect us or those we love. 


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