Check It Out America!

From Alegre’s Corner:

For days I have been searching the web for groups, organizations, single individuals, ANYBODY, who can show me the way to have some small influence on the appointment of women, and other often overlooked people into the cabinet and top posts in Obama’s Administration.

I started looking about a week ago, but could not find anyone who was taking action to see that Obama is truly representing us all in his appointments.  

Each day, there has been an increase in the discussion and in articles regarding cabinet appointments and the desire by many to have a voice in the appointments, but very little outside of discussion.  I was especially looking for groups of women advocating for the cabinet to represent us.  

I could find very few organized groups working to that end, but did find some.  Posted below are some vehicles to communicate your demands and views on the need for equal representation.  I will post more as I find them.

Please go over and check it out, mes amies Americaines!

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