Best Feminist Blog Voting

Hey gentle readers, somehow I got nominated for a Canadian Best Feminist Blog award.  I don’t know who did the nominating and in case I can’t figure it out – a great big thanks.  I’m honoured, deeply honoured, just to be nominated.  Go on over and vote readers – and make sure you check out the other great Canadian feminist sites, all of which are MUCH better than this one, and I mean that.  I rely on them for much of what I do.  It’s simply a wonderful group of female humans!

One thought on “Best Feminist Blog Voting

  1. Hey there you pugnacious pundit, you pithy pugilist, you possibly prize winning publisher!
    ain’t no need to belittle your fine product…
    keep on rockin’ in a world that’s only considered free by either those whose idea of a good time are chaste church picnics, or conversely by those bearing work visas to the nation/dimensions lying between the antipodes of the spirit/intellect…
    don’t lose your marbles!

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