Harper & Humble Pie

From Andrew Steele at the Globe and Mail:

The federal Conservatives are choosing to respond to the threat to their survival by becoming more, not less partisan.

For instance, today the Conservatives announced planned rallies in 12 Canadian cities, including in front of Stephane Dion’s office in Montreal.

The attempt to delegitimize the British Parliamentary process worries me. But more troubling is its futility.

While it’s possible these tactics may poison the public opinion environment to the possibility of a new government, it does not seem likely to dissuade the MPs in the House from voting that they have lost confidence in the regime.

What I am hearing from MPs and senior insiders is that it is that very partisanship of Stephen Harper that is forcing them to bring the government down.

Rather than responding to threats, rallies or leaked private conversations, these moves are only strengthening these MPs’ resolve to remove the Prime Minister from office so the focus can revert to the economy.

What these people are telling me is that the only course that could avert this disaster for the Conservatives would be a show of humility and non-partisanship from the Prime Minister.

Read the rest here

Neither humility nor non-partisanship are in this Prime Minister’s constitution.¬† Pun intended.

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