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From Bob Beal at the Globe and Mail:

I would not presume to tell Her Excellency what she should do. She will make her decision, and it will be a good one. However, I do think that simply refusing prorogation is the option that carries with it the most minimal Crown interference in the affairs of the elected representatives of the people. And I do think it is irresponsible for a prime minister to place a governor-general in this situation. There is no need, except in a narrow political context.  [emphasis mine]

There’s a short article by Beal and a good Q & A here

[Beal] grew up in southern Ontario but moved to Edmonton in 1970 and considers himself a westerner. He was a newspaper reporter and editor, mainly with the Calgary Herald and Edmonton Journal.
Among his historical specialties are: the laws of treason, North American Indian treaties, constitutional development especially in the colonies, Métis society and economy, the North-West Rebellion of 1885. He has been retained as an expert in several constitutional cases, particularly those concerning treaty and aboriginal rights.

UPDATE:  Here’s a Q & A on coalition governments at The Star

and an article by Chantal Hebert on Tory and Alliance efforts to build coalitions in the past

UPDATE II:  A lesson in parliamentary democracy from Peter H. Russell at The Star

via Dawg’s Blawg

purtek has a great post on this too

UPDATE III:  CBC.ca has a good Q & A on coalition government with Carleton University’s Jonathan Malloy and here and here’s a good piece on the role of the Gov-Gen in a parliamentary democracy, such as ours

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