Shattered Poetry

From Joan Houlihan’s Blog:

The reading of shattered poems is inevitably accompanied by the question: what was it before it broke? Is there a hint of story to be reconstructed? An identifiable emotional center? A tradition, a form, an historical construct of any kind? Any sense of a wholeness that shadows a poem, whether it is only hinted at (the ongoing sense of prayer haunting DA Powell’s Cocktails) or obvious (the sonnet form broken and reassembled by Volkman in Nomina) is, it seems to me, what gives the poem’s brokenness its power.

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2 thoughts on “Shattered Poetry

  1. An excellent post, and I love her blog! Thank you!! I’ve always been fascinated by “broken” poetry, and this post goes straight to the heart of what I feel when I read the poems. I love it when a couple of words or a phrase creates an entire story in my mind, or even a novel. Now that’s a hell of a poem! I suppose my fascination stems from the love of language, the love of each word, each breath, what is said, and what is not said. I hope you’re having a good week, sistah:) Love, Sis J

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