Harper Took His Toys and Went Home

From an e-mail I received today:

Instead of having strong leadership in the time of global crisis, Stephen Harper has locked the doors, kicked out all our elected Representatives and refuses to allow our team to make any decisions that could actually assist Canadians in their time of need. How childish!

He is still the Leader, but he now leads an empty house. What a petulant, self indulgent, smug, spoilt brat. He refuses to share, to listen, to play with the other children. He will ease drop, lie, call others names, anything to keep all the toys for himself. One tantrum after another. How childish!

When leaders around the world are working together to stabilize the economy, Stephen Harper is dividing the country, ending any opportunity to move forward, causing unrest in the markets, insecurity in business and devastation in homes throughout Canada out of sheer arrogance. How childish!

As Canadians suffer through the holiday season with uncertainty, with less money, less security, and no leadership I hope they will reflect on how childish this man is. I hope they will finally read the platforms of the parties, measure the strength of the leaders and vote for the person and party that best ensures their security, their well-being and the well-being of their families.

First ask each of the leaders if they would ever use their ability to prorogue the house just to escape a confidence vote; the supreme act of childish behavior. If you won’t let me be leader then I won’t let any of you play. How childish! How dangerous for us, for Canada and for the world.

For the most part, I agree.  Except that I think children do better.

Another e-mail:

This time, one can only hope Harper has finally done himself in – mean – spirited, arrogant, dishonest, destroyer that he is. A mere toe away from pure evil wrapped in rhetoric, a fuzzy sweater and plastic hair. I believe that given the time and circumstances his type will always be outed once and for all. Far right, nasty, punitive. Could this coalition sound the beginning of the end of his leadership of the party and they will be looking to replace him – or is that just wishful thinking?

Nothing I disagree with there.

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