Books and Blog Writers On The Economy

The Credit Crunch: Housing Bubbles, Globalisation and the Worldwide Economic Crisis by Graham Turner

From Andrew Jackson at Relentlessy Progressive Economists:

This book argues that the current financial turmoil signals a crisis in globalization that will directly challenge the free market economic model. Graham Turner shows that the housing bubbles in the West were deliberately created to mask the damage inflicted by companies shifting production abroad in an attempt to boost profits. As these bubbles burst, economic growth in many developed countries will inevitably tumble. The Japanese crisis of the 1990s shows that banks and governments may struggle to contain the fallout. The problem has not been limited to the US, UK and Europe: housing bubbles have become endemic across wide swathes of emerging market economies. As the West slides, these countries will see an implosion of their credit bubbles too, shaking their faith in the free market.   [more]  

Canadian economist bloggers:  watch the posts on Relentlessly Progressive Economics

Also watch Worthwhile Canadian Initiative and Shock Minus Control

Here’s Nobel prize winning economist Paul Krugman at the NYRB with What To Do

And another book recommendation:  John Maynard Keynes and International Relations, Economic Paths to War and Peace by Donald Markwell

One thought on “Books and Blog Writers On The Economy

  1. You are absolutely right to recommend Paul Krugman – whose blog and NYT columns are indispensable to understanding the evolving crisis/meltdown/whatever it is – and Donald Markwell’s book on Keynes, which is an indispensable guide to understanding Keynes’s thinking on international economic and political relations, and is amazingly relevant to the present global mess.

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