Rachel, Rick & Christophobia

Rachel Maddow responds to Pastor Rick’s newest video chat in which he nails people who disagree with him as “Christophobes” – ha ha, very funny Rick – and denies that he ever compared same-sex unions to sexual unions between brothers and sisters, old men and girls, polygamists and pedophiles – which is, of course, a lie:

Naturally, Barack Obama will continue to ignore this.  However, as Rachel says:

President-Elect Obama, this is not going away.

Nor should it.  The people who think it should don’t give a damn about homophobia and refuse to acknowledge the connection between denying people their civil rights and the very real abuses they suffer as a result.

Pastor Rick advocates that a “new civility” be brought to political discourse – a sort of “post-disagreeableness”.  He wants to be able to say hateful things without being accused of “hate speech”, though he’s not prepared to offer that degree of “civility” in return.   Unh hunh.  What’s new about that?

See this post at Americablog

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