The “Gay” Inauguration

Jennifer Giroux of Women Influencing the Nation, is worried that the inauguration of Barack Obama is going to be just one big gay party.  She is among one of many conservatives expressing “concern”:

“I think (the) inauguration should be kept away from that. Christians may love the individual, but they are offended by the gay lifestyle. It’s unhealthy — spiritually, emotionally and physically.

“It’s not a day where a group that feels like it has some payback coming should be putting its decadent lifestyle on display.”

Meantime, S.E. Cupp writes on the Fox News website:

… that Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, “is worried less about what happens in public and more about what may go on behind closed doors.”

Cupp does say that conservative groups like the Christian Coalition won’t be protesting. But, she notes, there’s at least one radio host, James T. Harris, who doesn’t want protests to occur because he wants Americans to be horrified by what they see.

“The gayer inauguration, the better,”  Harris said. “I hope that all of San Francisco turns out, and turns the inauguration into a gay pride festival. Then liberals can see how open and tolerant conservatives are.

“Let America see liberalism in all of its self-absorbed lunacy. Then maybe America will only have to tolerate four years of the madness.”

From Alex Koppelman at Salon.

Worrying about what happens behind closed doors?  Maybe Rick Warren could go door-to-door …

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