Julie Couillard & Joyce Carol Oates

“Less ‘décolleté’, more ‘collé á la réalité'”, from Marie Ève:

As a distant observer of the Julie Couillard and Maxime Bernier debacle in 2008, I observed that media attempted to press every last drop of pulp and juice from the bare bones of the story. As well, a number of Québec variety show caricatured Couillard and her circumstances in the most crude and clichéd terms.

News outlet – even purportedly high-minded – were eager to stick epitaphs onto Couillard, like used bits of gum that rude chewers discard without any concern for the mess they make. How many media websites boosted their internet hits by posting an attractive Couillard photo?

Biker chick, Mata Hari, courtesan. Surely that couldn’t be all there was to her life?
When I purchased My Story, the young woman working at the sales desk asked as she handed me the receipt and my change, “What’s the book about?” I mumbled something about confidential NATO documents and a cabinet minister, and she announced loudly, “Good for her! She deserves to tell her story.”

Dr Dawg thinks that Couillard is a defiantly ‘ballsy’ name for a woman. I disagree with the title he gave his post about her. Although Bernier expressed scorn and contempt towards her, and resorted to typically HarperCon tactics when blaming and shaming her, Couillard’s measured response is relatively dignified. Her book does not resonate with fury and her account is far more credible than most of the speculation and gossip published.

It’s a great post!  Read the rest

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