When We Don’t Believe Women

About abduction, sexual assault, assault, rape:

Three unsolved murders in our area [Boca Raton, Florida] are about to get new, national attention.

Investigators need all the help they can get in tracking down the killers of Nancy Bochicchio and her daughter Joey, as well as Randi Gorenberg.

Those murders may also be connected to an attack on another woman and her young son, who managed to get away.

Dateline NBC will be sharing with the nation the terrifying Town Center Mall tragedies and incidents we here in South Florida now know all too well.

Dateline’s Boca Raton shoot wrapped up Wednesday.            

Correspondent Dennis Murphy and the Dateline team are now ready to reveal new details in the murder cases that all have ties to the Town Center Mall of Boca Raton. 

Boca Raton Police explain how they believe an armed robbery at Mizner Park could very well be the work of the same suspect from the Bochiccio and August incidents.

Police also explain why responding officers did not believe the victim from the August attack, we call her “Jane Doe,” the victim who got away.

For the first time, she comes out of the shadows and speaks in disguise.

Dennis Murphy: They asked you to take a lie detector test, didn’t they?

Jane Doe: Yes.

Dennis Murphy: You’d been a crime victim. What did that say to you?

Jane Doe: If they needed me to, for whatever reason, I was gonna do it. I wasn’t hiding anything.

Dennis Murphy: If there was a request for a lie detector test from the woman abducted, did that say something about initial hesitation in believing her?   [more]

The police thought that the report made by Jane Doe about the abduction of herself and her son was not believeable.  Mall security was told that the complaint was “not believable”.  One and a half weeks after Doe made her complaint, the police file was “inactive”. 

Faced with probable law suits and national press attention, including a report on 20/20 this evening, Boca Raton police are coming up with the usual excuses.  They say they never told mall security not to worry about Doe’s abduction – “why would we?” – and they say that just because Doe’s file was listed as “inactive” doesn’t mean they didn’t believe her.

Oh sure.

Check out the story at 20/20

As the story goes, police are now looking at the husband of Randi Gorenberg.  That’s typical too.  While it’s true that many women die at the hands of their boyfriends and spouses, it’s dangerous to make that assumption.  Sometimes, police do it when they haven’t done their jobs and are looking for some PR to make it look like they have.

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