2 thoughts on “Teenage Girl Gets ‘Lippy’

  1. I hardly know where to comment when I read your blog, because it is so full of information, politics, poetry, art, etc! I just sit here and read…and learn so much.

    But this one just blew my mind. I mean…damn! I can hardly find words to express how much the actions of these so-called law enforcement officials outrages me. I know it happens all the time (believe me…I know), but to see it always gives me a visceral reaction.

    Thank you for what you do. Your blog is awesome, as are you.

    • I feel as though I’ve found the ONE person in the world who is interested in, and sometimes pissed off by, the same things as me – YOU!

      Yes, I know that this crap happens all the time too and it infuriates me. This young woman is one of many and we know about what happened to her only because of the video. This police officer has in fact killed two civilians – the killings weren’t captured on tape but at least one of them sounds very odd indeed.

      Love ya sister!

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