Now this would really sicken me:

The next NATO secretary-general doesn’t have to be European, Canadian Defence Minister Peter MacKay said today of the post he is rumoured to be seeking.

“I don’t think that traditions, in the sense of geography, should be a restriction on any position with NATO,” he told reporters today in Ottawa at a press conference on another subject.

The Washington Post reported Sunday that U.S. Vice President Joe Biden would be promoting Mr. MacKay’s candidacy to “reward Canada for its valiant combat performance in Afghanistan.” The White House would try to build support for Mr. MacKay by offering to grant France other key appointments within the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

“The United States will agree to let French generals take over two commands currently held by Americans to smooth the way for this symbolically important step,” the Post reported, citing European sources.

Why the hell should McKay be rewarded for Canada’s “valiant combat performance in Afghanistan”?  What did he do?  Anybody got a petition?

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