Obscuring Violence Against Women

[UPDATED below]

A man kills his ex-wife in her workplace, killing two of her colleagues as well and injuring several others.  This is called male violence against women, though you would never, ever know it from the reports.  Who knows, these men may have been targetted for some reason beyond the fact that they were in a group with George Zinkhan’s ex-wife.  Or they may be dead simply because they were there.  What is beyond doubt is that Marie Bruce, the ex-wife of Mr. Zinkhan, was the main attraction.  This is “domestic violence”.  Why do journalists not call it what it is?  [rhetorical question]:

Authorities were on a nationwide manhunt for a University of Georgia professor in the shooting deaths of three people, including his ex-wife, Saturday at a community theater near campus.

Athens-Clarke County Police Capt. Clarence Holeman said authorities were searching for a suspect, 57-year-old George Zinkhan, who has been a marketing professor at the university in Athens since the 1990s, and lived about seven miles from campus.

Killed were Zinkhan’s ex-wife, Marie Bruce, 47, Tom Tanner, 40, and Ben Teague, 63, Holeman said. Both men were involved with Town & Gown Players Inc., a local theater group in Athens, about 70 miles east of Atlanta.

The shooting happened outside the Athens Community Theater during a midday gathering of the theater group. Holeman said the shooter left his two young children in the car when he opened fire on the group. A neighbor of Zinkhan’s in nearby Bogart said the professor later dropped off the children with him next door and left after saying there was an emergency. The children were with police.

The rest is here but you’ll find not a word about male violence, violence against women or domestic violence.

UPDATE:  See the esteemed Historiann, here for “another sickening example of the news media doing the work of our culture in erasing or obscuring the deadly combination of modal American masculinity and gun violence!” and here

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