Let’s Not Look At Violence Against Women

Just noted by Antonia Z @twitter:  UK bans domestic violence ad by Keira Knightley – for showing woman abuse!  Antonia has a post at Broadsides in which she says, in part:

Real women are getting beaten up — and killed — by their partners all the time but the media don’t treat it as the epidemic of violence it is.

Fictional women get assaulted by their partners and the media make money off that.

But when a real woman plays a fictional woman getting beaten up to help real women who get beaten up all the time, well, kick that off the air because it might upset somebody.


See the rest of Antonia’s post here.  And here’s the Knightley ad:

5 thoughts on “Let’s Not Look At Violence Against Women

  1. “Il ne faut pas le dire…”
    I wish the UK banned the reality of DV rather than a dramatic call to end it! Batterers are basically cowards: follow-up studies done in Philadelphia have shown that when they know for sure that there will be a steep price to pay for any further abuse (automatic jail term, a steep fine, loss of parental rights), most of them stop. And it is easier for women to leave if they see society take their plight seriously and tell HIM off (rather than her), regardless of his pretenses.

  2. http://www.thefirstpost.co.uk/47336,opinion,its-time-lily-livered-europe-stood-up-to-muslim-bigots-ayaan-hirsi-ali

    from the Aayan Hirsi article Phyllis Chesler mentions on her blog Cheslers Chronicles:

    Women’s shelters have adapted their curriculum (out of a twisted allegiance to the left’s concept of cultural relativism instead of to women)- instead of teaching the women who come to them how to become self-reliant, the shelters facilitate prayer rooms and employ mediators from the Islamic community. All this mediation serves only one purpose – that is, to return the woman to the circumstances of abuse she left.
    Here is a system, which was a tool to emancipate, that has been completely transformed to serve the Muslim purpose of obedience. If the wife obeys, then the husband no longer needs to beat her. The matter is settled. “

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