Why We Should Pay Attention to the Colonel You-Know Story

1. Because we need to see and understand how impossible it is for the mainstream media in general to report these kinds of cases fairly, accurately and KNOWLEDGEABLY.  For instance, I keep hearing that his fetish for underwear escalated into break-ins, photo sessions whilst modelling the undies and masturbation on camera, leaving the evidence of such behind.  Now that is not a women’s underwear fetish.  Such fetishes are perfectly harmless.  This is the escalation of PREDATORY behaviour!  The point is not the underwear.  The point is that it belonged to a girl or woman who wore it and kept it in her dresser drawer.  To break into the house, the bedroom, the dresser drawer of a girl or woman, try on her underwear and spend hours taking pictures of yourself wearing it while masturbating isn’t a fetish, it’s a VIOLATION of the personal space and the sexualized belongings of the girl or woman.  To masturbate all over her bedroom is a VIOLATION.  To tie her up and take pictures of her while masturbating and taking pictures is a VIOLATION.  To do the same and then kill her is a VIOLATION.  This is escalating predatory behaviour, not fetishism.

2.  Because we need to know that if the cops were educated about such behaviour and able to categorize it properly and make predictions on the basis of that information, THEY MIGHT BE ABLE TO STOP PEOPLE LIKE COL. WHAT’S IT.  And ought to have caught him before he sexually assaulted four women or, at the very least, before he killed two of them. 

3. Because we need to know how easily predatory men get along in our misogynist culture and particularly in the most macho aspects of that culture which would certainly be THE MILITARY!  If I wanted to be a raping serial killer I would be in the military or I’d be a cop.    

I’ll probably be back to add more as the coverage causes a whole body rash. 

Read this at Broadsides

Watch this: Above Suspicion at the fifth estate

Antonia picked up on this and added more at Broadsides and this too.

This post was originally published as a Note on my Facebook page on October 20, 2010.  Go there if you want to see the comments and you are my “friend”.  If you’re not my friend, how come?

UPDATE:  An expanded version of this post appears at rabble The horrific Williams murders were about power not personal fetishes

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