WTH is Up With Mallick?

If there’s one thing I really don’t want right now from a feminist, it’s a paean to the great, “MALE”,  police work of a balding OPP officer.  Was she feeling guilty for feeling negatively toward “men”?  Because I don’t feel guilty.  I don’t feel negatively toward men you see.  I feel negatively toward sexism and the cult of masculinity.  This saves me from having to tell fine and decent men that they are fine and decent when I’d rather be thinking about my dead sisters, how they got that way and how we’re ever going to stop it.  Sorry Heather.  I. Do. Not. Get. It.

“It is true that the Belleville and Ottawa police should have alerted women earlier that there was something evil on the loose, something Jessica Lloyd herself referred to as the “Tweed creeper.” Women were left helpless by their lack of knowledge. But the work of the police once they found a tire track and footprints in the snow outside Lloyd’s home was stellar.” 

What. The. Fuck?  So the police did great once it was absolutely clear who the killer was?  After his SUV was identified by three fine citizens who bothered to watch out for their neighbours?  After the police harassed and detained Larry Jones?  After countless women had their homes invaded and personal items stolen and were ignored?  After two sexual assaults weren’t linked?  After a murder wasn’t linked to the sexual assaults?  After Jessica Lloyd was dead? 

If competent police work was done after all that, thank the fucking goddess!  Are we not to expect competent police work?  Do we have to extend tenderness to cops who do their jobs? 

It’s been really hard sitting in that courtroom.  I know that.  But doesn’t Mallick have an editor to censor bathetic drivel?  Or a feminist friend?

Heather on how the “good guys” nailed Williams

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