My! My!


I just got home from seeing Mamma Mia! with my sisters.  Before posting, I thought I’d just check some reviews.  I made it through 1 1/2 before I decided to stop before they ruined my mood.  This is a “fun” movie, a “fun” song and dancey silly movie.  I laughed, I cried and I sang.  I thought Meryl was great – I would vote for her as Queen of the World.  And Pierce was just a bit odd.  But I forgave him.  I loved Julie Walters – loved, loved, loved Julie Walters.  And everyone else.

By the end of the movie. the polite and normally very reticent Canadian suburban audience was clapping and singing and quite a few were dancing from their seats and in the aisles.  It was an outburst of fun and joy the likes of which I’ve not seen in awhile.

I’m sure I could find plenty of problems with this movie if I’d a mind to.  And I suppose that’s what movie critics are supposed to do – thus the squash-all-the-fun reviews.  But I’m not a movie critic.  I’m a person who’s been finding the world hard lately, for any number of reasons.  For 150 minutes and quite a few more after, I forgot all that.  I had fun.  I like it how you sometimes feel that your heart will burst when people are dancing and singing and feeling as though there are any number of wonderful reasons to be alive.

If you need to feel better, suspend your critical eye for a bit and go throw yourself into Mamma Mia!  I shouldn’t say things like this I guess, but I’m gonna say it anyway:  anyone who can’t enjoy this movie has forgotten how to have fun.

UPDATE:  The trailer frames the film in a rather sexist way – it’s NOT that bad!  Maybe movie companies think no one will want to see it if it’s not a piece of misogynist dreck.  And there are more scenes where women, young and somewhat older, are enjoying each other’s company than in any movie I’ve seen for quite awhile or maybe ever?  The men are kinda dorky and in lots of ways, don’t need to be there at all – and I mean that as no insult to men!  Truly.  I’m starting to over-analyse!  Just go see it and I think you’ll know what I mean.