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From the incomparable Historiann:

Well, we can all look forward to lots of prominent feminist women in key positions in the Obama administration who will change the way we look at women in power.  Just look at the women he’s appointed to manage his transition:  Rahm Emanuel and John Podesta, for example.  And all of the women who have been named as possible Treasury Secretary picks:  Lawrence Summers, Jon Corzine, Robert Rubin, Paul Volcker, and Timoth Geithner.  That’s a bunch of high-powered broads for you!  You show ‘em, girls.

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Feminism & the Republicans

A feminist overview of the Republican Party Platform at Feminist Law Professors is “must read”

I hope that there are many opportunities to press Sarah Palin on these issues.

Two Feminists, Rev. Wright, US Elections

Patricia J. Williams:

It seems not long ago I imagined a post-race, post-gendered Kumbaya moment in which the two Democratic candidates would be gamboling in slow motion across a pasture filled with buttercups and hope. Yet here I sit, pondering the dilemma of Hillary Clinton trying to convince the world that she’s more willing than John McCain to “totally obliterate” Iran, while the “racially transcendent” Barack Obama’s great dignity and intelligence are tirelessly berated in round-the-clock coverage of jibber-jabber from the crazy ex-minister of his church. “His electability is at stake,” gloat the brainless, breathless commentators on Fox. Of course, if it weren’t Reverend Wright, someone would find Obama’s barber and record him saying something stupid and sensational. Or his plumber, or his grocer, or his dentist’s grandmother. What’s more, if people think this frenzy makes Hillary Clinton more “electable,” then they haven’t paused to consider that her turn is surely coming: I’m picturing earnest interviews with Bill Clinton’s tobacconist and Monica Lewinsky’s dry cleaner, chock-full of Shocking Details No One Ever Dreamed Of.

The Nation

And Katha Pollit:

But here’s the larger point: If we kept religion out of the election campaign, we could just debate the issues, like rational people


As Barack Obama has perhaps belatedly learned, the Democrats had it right the first time: Awesome,blue-state, red-state, whatever — keep God out of it, and the men who claim to speak for him, too.

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