Payne, BVU & Rape Advocacy

I sure hope that Kyle Payne wasn’t really doing any counselling with rape and sexual assault survivors on the basis of this website, purporting to be associated with Buena Vista University.  BVU’s website uses a different web address root, as you might expect, and there doesn’t seem to be any association between the two.

BVU doesn’t list any sexual assault services.

There are virtually no external links on Payne’s website.  He refers to BVU’s women’s studies program and if you didn’t know better, you could believe he is linking to it.  He refers to training programmes and possibilities for classroom presentations, but there are no links there either.

The photo on the home page comes from Men Can Stop Rape but, again, there is no link.

Payne is listed as the webmaster.  There is reference to “Advocates”, note the plural, but none are listed, nor is there any biographical information or training credentials with reference to Payne.

I’d surely like to know more about Payne’s “advocacy” with respect to rape survivors.  If he was really doing it, it would appear to have been fraud.