OUT of Afghanistan

Canada needs to get out.  It would be a good idea if everybody else got out too:

As the presumptive presidential candidates push plans to dispatch more troops to Afghanistan, the murders of four humanitarian aid workers is a tragic reminder of the futility of chasing military “victory.” The Taliban claims credit for gunning down three Western women and their Afghan driver who worked for the International Rescue Committee, a respected New York-based humanitarian organization. Real “victory” in Afghanistan — which may already be beyond reach — lies in helping that hapless country reconstruct itself, the goal the slain aid workers risked their lives for.

It’s true that more troops are needed to establish security so that civilians and aid workers can go about the business of reconstruction. That has been the case in Afghanistan since 2001. But “security” and “victory” are different objectives — a distinction our leaders don’t seem to grasp. In Afghanistan, the belated American pursuit of victory threatens to vanquish security altogether.

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