Steyn & Natalism

Max Fawcett on Mark Steyn:

More importantly, though, Steyn’s philosophy of natalism is a little more than poorly coded racism. That it glosses over the profound differences between and within different forms of Islam, which contains the same diversity of views, interpretations, and practises as Christianity, is bad enough, since over-simplifications like these are the natural precursor to more explicit forms of racism. But the linkage between Muslims and prolific rates of reproduction – one that, according to the United Nations, isn’t even true any longer – is far worse. It is, in fact, frighteningly similar to the same comparisons that were drawn by Nazi propagandists over seventy years ago, in reference to the Jews of Germany. As Swedish journalist Eva Ekselius writes, “like the Jews were depicted as the foreign, the other, onto which one could project all the traits the culture wants to deny in themselves, so the ‘muslims’ now get to take over the second-hand props of anti-semitism.”