Clinton = Bush?

Glenn Greenwald responds to this article in at NYT by the incomparable Maureen Dowd:

… we’ll just dismiss the last eight years as nothing really notable — just the standard, garden-variety failures, disappointments and corruption we normally see from politicians.  Hence: Bill Clinton had an affair and let contributors stay in the Lincoln Bedroom; George Bush tortured people, stomped on the Constitution, chronically broke our laws, started wars based on manufactured pretexts, committed felonies by spying on American without warrants, abolished habeas corpus, imprisoned human beings in “black sites,” etc.  Boy, politicians sure are bad.  Let’s move on and hope Obama doesn’t do what Clinton and Bush both did.   That’s the mentality that ensures that our current political leaders — and their enablers in the Beltway establishment — won’t be held accountable for what they’ve done.

Here it is, the whole thing