Payne in February

Here’s what Kyle Payne said on his blog in February, in response to the “rumours” about him:

I want to be very careful how I share these words with you. Given the numerous accusations and attacks I have received lately, I am finding it very easy to respond in ways that are defensive, confrontational, and antagonistic. While those behaviors might be appropriate if I was enlisting in a battle for my place in the hierarchy of our dominator culture, they are neither relevant or productive in this context. Furthermore, I worry that these actions would be interpreted as yet another reason not to listen to a word I have to say.

I am upset that there is gradually developing a bizarre and twisted understanding of who I am and what I am about. And I am angry that individuals, who I presume are otherwise capable of critical thought, are jumping to the most outrageous conclusions. I am also deeply disturbed at the joy others have taken in painting such a disturbing picture of me.

For a variety of reasons, there is very little I can say about the recent news. So, unfortunately, I cannot give you the answers that you might seek. Worse yet, I can do little in the way of defending myself against a whole host of claims about my character that are both irrational and damaging. What I can tell you is that this may be a situation that demands a great deal of patience and a departure from our expectation that everything in life will make perfect sense. In fact, it may demand that people give me some room to breathe as I try to make sense of the situation myself.

Trust me, I know this situation raises a lot of very serious questions and has created a great deal of shock and confusion. And while I desperately wish I had the opportunity to talk openly about it and clear the air, I do not. So please offer my family and me the compassion not to make judgments and speculations based on information that is incomplete and not fully understood.

Thank you.


In all that time, he still hasn’t come close to understanding, after insulting the intelligence of the people who spread “rumours”.  What I’m really concerned about now is that it appears to me that Payne may have offered counselling to survivors of rape and sexual assault on his own, without training and for obviously perverse purposes.  See this

BTW, it appears to me that you can leave comments on Payne’s older posts.  I’ve got two comments up as I write this – not sayin’ they’ll stay there.

Title of Payne’s post:  “A New Kind of Pain”  Right.

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