Wee Steve & Nursery Pals

Even the Grab and Flail’s got Harper’s number.  On the shenanigans and mud pie flinging this week in and out of Ethic Committee meetings:

Hypocrisy, of course, abounds in the nation’s capital, all parties being guilty. But this week’s hypocrisy moment may rank as one for the ages. The Conservatives wrote the handbook on obstructionism, they’ve followed it to the letter on many occasions, and they now come forward to proclaim that they are somehow the victims and that they may have no recourse but to go the polls.

They probably plotted the committee wrangle the week before. Team Harper wanted to set the timing of an election at its own choosing. A provocation was in order. It’s summer. They likely figured that few were paying close attention, that their ploy would be taken seriously.

The opposition parties warrant their share of condemnation for their ethics committee comportment this week. The Liberals have their own history of bullying committees. Check out the Chrétien government’s record. This week, however, they weren’t quite down to the standards of the governing side.

All along, Team Harper has been quite faithful to its manipulation manual. We recall, among the many examples, the tricks they pulled to avoid being called to account on the censorship of documents regarding the Afghan detainees file. We recall Auditor-General Sheila Fraser saying they were out to gag officers of Parliament.


There are good reasons for an election this fall. Everybody’s patience has been tried long enough. But this week’s show of flim-flam should not be allowed to be the trigger. It was crybaby stuff. If the Harper boys don’t get their own way, they stamp their feet and start bawling at bad treatment from others and make big-time threats – forgetting all the while what they had put down in their own playbook.

I hope nobody on Team Harper wins a medal in these elections.

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