Richard Monette

A champion and hero of theatre in Canada, Richard Monette has died much too soon.  Rest in peace Richard.  The Globe‘s tribute to Monette is here and Richard Ouzounian’s column at The Star is here.

What laughing chains the water wove and threw!
I learned to catch the trout’s moon whisper; I
Drifted how many hours I never knew,
But, watching, saw that fleet young crescent die,—

And one star, swinging, take its place, alone,
Cupped in the larches of the mountain pass —
Until, immortally, it bled into the dawn.
I left my sleek boat nibbling margin grass. . . 

from “The Dance”, The Bridge, by Hart Crane

One thought on “Richard Monette

  1. Heavy sigh. Another talent to die too soon. From what I read on the article, I’m not familiar with his work. But he sounds awesome. I’d love to see some of his performances. Do you know if any are archived on DVD? I’m not even sure if that’s done much with theater performances, but I’d love to see them.

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