Dziekanski Mounties Won’t Be Charged

From the Globe & Mail:

Four Mounties who used a taser to subdue Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski moments before he died of undisclosed injuries at Vancouver International Airport last year will not face criminal charges for their conduct, B.C.’s criminal justice branch will announce Friday.

CTV News is reporting that the Crown concluded there is insufficient evidence to warrant a prosecution in the case, which raised a furious debate over the police use of tasers that still continues.

The Crown’s decision caps a far-flung investigation by members of B.C.’s Integrated Homicide Investigation Team that took officers as far away as Poland.

Zofia Cisowski, Mr. Dziekanski’s mother, said from her home in Kamloops Thursday night that she had been informed of the Crown’s decision by her lawyer, but that she could not comment on the matter before a news conference Friday.

The criminal justice branch of the B.C. Ministry of the Attorney-General has convened a media briefing Friday.   [more]

Most Canadians and many people around the world have seen the video of RCMP officers dealing with Robert Dziekanski at Vancouver International Airport, which ended with Dziekanski being tasered not once, but twice, before he collapsed and died.  I found what I saw deeply disturbing, perhaps as disturbing as the video of Rodney King being “subdued” by Los Angeles police.

Obviously, I haven’t reviewed all the “evidence” in the Dziekanski case; but that video is awfully difficult to explain away.

The original video has been removed from YouTube due to “terms of use violation”.  The video I’m posting below is ten minutes long and shows a female passenger talking to Mr. Dziekanski, who calms down substantially while she is doing so.  Dziekanski does pick up a small table at one point, but it looks to me that he is holding up as a shield more than anything else.  He also picks up a chair, but does nothing with it. 

Four RCMP officers approach him and he does walk away from them.  He gestures somewhat wildly at one point and is then tasered.  At this point, the video I’m posting gets difficult to watch – the picture goes sideways and several people stand in front of the camera at various points.  Nevertheless, I think you will get the idea.

Why it took four Mounties and two taserings to deal with this man, I just cannot see.  It’s also more than a little difficult to explain why the Mounties never attempted CPR on this man and why it took so long for an ambulance with paramedics to arrive.

Perhaps we’ll learn more from the inquiry into this man’s death.  But apparently, we’ll not see criminal charges being laid against the Mounties.  It’s difficult to maintain one’s “faith” in the police when we witness acts such as this.  As I see it.

UPDATE:  Nothing said by B.C.’s Crown office has changed my mind.


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