RCMP Threatened By Stapler

We’ve all seen the video of RCMP at Vancouver International Airport tasering Robert Dziekanski five times until he dies.  It appears that lawyers will argue that what we can’t see on that video is the stapler in Dziekanski’s hands.  Right.  Four big touch macho RCMP officers armed to the hilt, threatened by what Dziekanski could do to them with a stapler.  Fuckneckery.

The sequence of events surrounding the police confrontation with Robert Dziekanski is becoming a central issue at the public inquiry into his death.

A bystander’s video that shows Dziekanski being repeatedly stunned by an RCMP Taser at Vancouver’s airport in October 2007 has been played several times as witnesses recount what they saw.

The inquiry has heard that Dziekanski picked up a stapler that he had in his hand but what he was doing with it in the seconds before he was shocked is under question.

On the infamous video, Dziekanski’s arms appear to stay down by his sides as officers surround him, and only raise above his head after he is stunned.

But lawyers for the RCMP officers suggest the video, which shows Dziekanski’s back, doesn’t show what he was doing with his hands or the stapler.

The stapler was cited by Crown prosecutors in December when they announced they wouldn’t charge the officers involved, who are expected to testify later at the inquiry.

Here ya go.

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