Tory Teachable Moments

Tory MP Brent Rathgeber’s civics lesson for the day:

“Democracy and Parliament are not being sidestepped — they are only being suspended.”  [there’s no more thank gawd]

So don’t worry y’all, democracy is safely on holiday with the HarperCONs and will return when they decide they’re up for it.

Then there’s Tory MP Gary Schellenberger who’s off to the Olympics during the suspension of democracy.  [here]

There’s something to be said for Rathgeber and Schellenberger.  They’re more honest than their fearless leader.

The Facebook movement to stop the Tories in their plot to supercede the will of the people is here.  If you’re on Facebook join us.  If not it’s worth getting an account just to join us!  95,306 members and counting as of 9:41 p.m EST with rallies planned across the country for January 23rd.  I can’t wait to hit the streets, I really can’t.

If it takes a prorogation to get Canadians on the move and paying attention to the our decaying democracy then I’m glad Harper did it.

UPDATE:  Jack Layton and NDP MPs won’t accept any free tickets for the Tory Olympic holiday.  [here]


must clarify—Parliament is being suspended–democracy is much larger and much broader and of course continues everyday in Canada.

Whew!  *wipesweatfrombrow*


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