Israeli Poets Protest

Here’s the poem recited by Israeli poets protesting their country’s illegal aggression in Gaza:

On The Slaughter

Heaven, plead mercy on my behalf!
If there is a God in you, and a path in you to God –
yet I have not found it –
may you pray on my behalf!
As for me – my heart is dead, prayer no longer on my lips,
already strength is gone, and hope no more –
how long, until when, how long?

Hangman! Here is the neck – Up! Slaughter!
Behead me like a dog, yours is the arm and the axe,
and the whole earth, my scaffold –
and we – we are the few!
My blood is permitted – hack off the head,
and let the blood of murder stream out,
blood of suckling and greybeard upon your shirt,
and may it never, never be blotted out.

And if there is justice, let it shine forth now!
But if, after I am rubbed out from beneath the sky,
justice shines forth –
let its throne be cast down forever!
And let heaven rot in the evil of the ages;
and you go, arrogant, in this violence of yours,
and live by your blood, and be cleansed by it.

But cursed be the one who says; Avenge!
Revenge like this, revenge for the blood of a small child
Satan has not yet created –
and let the blood pierce the abyss!
Let the blood pierce through the deep-dark abysses,
and devour, in the darkness, and breach there
all the rotting foundations of the earth.

Nahman Hayyim Bialik

via Silliman

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